Tuesday, January 31, 2006

On President Bush's State of the Union Speech

I usually enjoy Bush's state of the union address (with the exception of a couple of years ago where half way through his speech, somewhere between steroid and Iraq, I had switched back to American Idol). What was interesting to me this year (and it went kind of unnoticed by the talking heads) was identification of radical Islam as the enemy in the war on terror (if I am not mistaken it was mentioned twice in his speech). One thing that bothered me all along after 9/11 was that the so called war on terror had no clear enemy. Everyone knew for example that the war was really not against Basque separatists but other than that it was scoped so conveniently broad and vague that allowed targeting secular rogue elements such as Saddam Hussein. His mention of Iran was brief and nothing beyond what he had already said in the previous years. I think the reason that the talking heads jumped on the topic of Iran afterwards was mostly because the word was out earlier that the speech would focus on Iran.

Dianne Feinstein tops my list of irritating senators and tonight was no exception. In an after speech interview with Chris Matthews, she expressed her concern about pushing for elections in the Middle East. Her reason? Democratic election of Ahmadinejad to presidency in Iran (and Hamas victory). To make sure that everyone got it she repeated it twice (with the democratic qualifier in both cases). Being a senator from California, who knows, maybe she once bought a rip off carpet from some sleazy Iranian guy in LA. For some reason, I think Feinstein and lady peace (Shirin Khanome Ebadi) would make a perfect match. Someone should arrange a meeting between the two. And speaking of democratic or semi-democratic elections in Iran: Iranian elections are as much democratic as mullahs' conference on Holocaust is scientific.

But nothing was funnier than the response by the rising star of the Democratic party, Governor Tim Something from Virginia. I didn't pay attention to what he said, except one phrase I could catch repeatedly in between my naps "there is a better way".


Blogger Winston said...

are you a supporter of President Bush? Are you an Iranian?

10:49 AM  
Blogger Sepideh Banihashemi said...

Haven't you seen Syriana yet??

4:57 PM  

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